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Allison Dubois, the subject of NBC's show Medium said:

"Mark Ireland is a moving writer who reaches out from the pages of his book and emotionally connects with his readers. He speaks not only from the perspective of a father who suffered the ultimate loss but also as a man who inherited the ability to reconnect with those who have passed on. This book is a must read for anyone trying to comprehend life after death or wanting to learn how loss can create an even stronger bond between the living and those who live again."

Allison Dubois is the author of We are Their Heaven, which contains an excerpt by Mark Ireland.

"I like to think that I am a sympathetic person to those who are in need, but I do not suffer fools gladly. I tell things as they are and abhor falsehoods. In some sense, I am too honest and not given to false praise. That being said-I think this book is marvelous, on many fronts. The Author's "journey" is fantastic and most of all, his absorption of the evidence and experience into his being result in, what I feel, are the correct conclusions. The fact that he speaks intelligently from his heart and soul comes across in the final chapters of the book, along with the 'feeling' of complete honesty... but it is more than that. The summation and condensation of his philosophy is-I can only say, in admiration-outstanding. Everyone should read this book."

Tricia J. Robertson
Honorary Secretary and former President, Scottish Society for Psychical Research

"The death of his youngest son, Brandon, launched Mark Ireland on a fascinating quest to discover if we survive the death of our bodies by communicating with ancestors, persons who have gone before. For more than a century, many types of scientific inquiries have focused on after-death communications, and Mark studied all of them. He possesses the driving curiosity, open mind, and critical scholarship of a true explorer, and his candid, engaging writing style invites the reader to join him on his pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the afterlife."

Donald E. Watson, MD
Neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and author of Surviving Your Crises, Reviving Your Dreams

Soul Shift

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Businessman Mark Ireland’s father was Richard Ireland, a deeply spiritual minister and renowned psychic and medium who counted Mae West among his famous clients. While he loved his father, Mark followed a more conventional path in pursuit of mainstream success—until the wrenching death of his youngest son. This unexpected tragedy plunges Mark into the spiritual world of psychics and mediums in a frantic attempt to communicate with the dead. His defenses and pragmatic mindset begin to fade as he remembers premonitions on the day of his son’s death. He consults a number of well-known mediums and is struck by the remarkably accurate information their readings provide. Mark first meets with Allison Dubois, the subject of NBC’s hit show Medium, and later participates in a single-blind lab experiment with medium Laurie Campbell, filmed for a Discovery Channel feature. He then enters a new dimension of personal paranormal experience, as his own psychic awareness begins to unfold. This dramatic story of a father’s unbearable loss and his discovery of life after death offers hope to the bereaved and compelling evidence that death may not be the end.

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Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go

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